The presentation is a little embarrassing..

..but we have to give love to a film that provides so much quality screen time to the luscious Alfa Romeo 164 QV. We know it’s FWD, but we think we still want one.


~ by velofinds on October 23, 2012.

11 Responses to “The presentation is a little embarrassing..”

  1. Nothing wrong with a nice 164, especially a DOHC version. But um, … The type 75 (Milano) is the last of the true RWD Alfa’s, it sounds nicer, to my ears anyway, as it is a bit less “Refined and civilized”. Eargasm is the word commonly used.

    A 164 is probably a better everyday car however.

  2. That video was pretty amusing. Loved the part with the cap guns.

  3. I could get into a Milano…

  4. > a little embarrassing

    Jeez Sport. Fair dinkum, yous skips from Woop Woop got the Seppos gaggin’.

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