“M3 Faszination” mit Niki Lauda

Would love to be able to understand what this says, even if it’s just BMW marketing-speak circa the late-1980s. If any of our German-speaking readers feels like offering a quick summary translation, feel free to leave it in the comments 😉

And because it’s as good a segue as any— “Fascination Street” by the Cure:

(Images via TuningHistory)

~ by velofinds on October 10, 2012.

5 Responses to ““M3 Faszination” mit Niki Lauda”

  1. It’s about a track event for 10 lucky winners, who would make a trip to southern europe with Niki Lauda to drive the M3 on a nondisclosed circuit.

    You had to “qualify” by filling in the form on the right page on the second image. This questionnaire was intedend to find out which type of driver you were, plus you had to fill in which car you drove at the moment, and so on.

    The text on the last image contains some informations about the car itself.

  2. That’s a cool sweepstakes! Why can’t we have that kind of thing today?
    Seems like Niki was happy to bein a lot of car ads. He was also in ads for Alfa and for Ferrari!

  3. Aah wunderbar! 🙂

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