Porsche 962 driven on the streets of Japan

Not an obvious pairing, but in hindsight, if this car is going to be driven on any public road, Japan’s seems as fine a choice as any.

Amazing stuff.

~ by velofinds on October 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Porsche 962 driven on the streets of Japan”

  1. This is a rad video. Love the initial concept, and the owner’s interview seals the deal.

  2. One word… amazing, this kind of video makes me want to do some crazy things in life. Then again someday, someday….

  3. Great find! What a fascinating video. Wish Drive made such cool videos.

  4. Turns out this car is a replica— specifically, a Schuppan 962R like so:


    Very cool, all the same.

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