In spite of a general apathy toward Formula One, this has even us excited

So surreal seeing this promotional footage. Let’s hope the Grand Prix of America becomes a reality next year!

Lady Liberty will be watching. Will you?

If it happens, then yes.

~ by velofinds on September 12, 2012.

7 Responses to “In spite of a general apathy toward Formula One, this has even us excited”

  1. Well, that was pretty awesome.

  2. Liking that a lot!

    This year’s F1 has been fantastic so far. Looking forward to the Texas GP this November… this promo video, you may well have seen, is also amazing! Red Bull again…
    Formula 1 comes to America! – Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas

  3. This is truly monumental to have F1 back in the streets of an American city.

    The last time was Detroit in the late 70’s . We have a place in Weehawken thats got a balcony overlooking a great section of the course….so we’re chomping at the bit for 6/13.

  4. Here’s an update for you, from a UK newspaper:
    Formula One 2013 calendar released with New York date still unclear

    Looking for it happening though! Should be immense. Would love to see one in London 🙂

  5. turns out it was much ado about nothing.


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