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Guest contributor Carby shared the following:

Spring has just poked its head out here in Sydney and this suave cat (Sam) parked across the road from me today. I had the camera with me and went over to introduce myself and say ‘nice car’ (always had a spot on my list for a 105 of some description).
He is the original owner, imported it to Australia from Sicily in ’75 (it’s a ’72 GT 2000), paid nearly the price of the car to the local importer to do a LHD->RHD swap (4,000 AUD, new one at the time being 5,000 AUD).

Can’t see how any of us Gen X/Yers could ever be that swank in 40 years cruising in our barn find 997.2’s… only time will tell!

~ by velofinds on August 28, 2012.

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  1. See how that man is dressed? That’s the way you dress to drive a nice car. Not in baggy shorts and Teva sandals. You respect the car.

  2. Guy looks fairly typical of the Alfa Club rank and file. I am always the youngest guy there haha.

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