Gratuitous slow mo, yes— but mighty impressive all the same

Jump to 12:46 and 15:20 (especially 15:20) for the proverbial money shots. Repeat.

Best viewed large.

For the videographers among you, can you tell us around what FPS you think those sections were recorded?

~ by velofinds on August 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “Gratuitous slow mo, yes— but mighty impressive all the same”

  1. Looks like the slo-mo was likely originally shot at 60fps.

  2. I believe it is even faster than 60 fps. It is most likely 100-120 fps. At 60fps, the footage would look half speed if played back at the video standard of 30fps. If they are using the 24fps film standard it would look like fourty percent of full playback speed.

    The footage looks to be slowed by much less than half or fourty percent.

    In response to the video, I’d like to see this Juke against that V-12 M Powered X5 you showed us a while ago. That car was worth $500000. You have to be a bit of a chav to spend $75000+ on a Datsun.

  3. I really don’t care how much HP you put in the Juke. Put lipstick on a pig, you just have a fast and expensive pig. I’ll stick with the Porsche any day.

  4. Lipstick on a pig is the wrong metaphor.

    Jetpack and cannons on a pug is probably more apt.

  5. More like a flat black snapping turtle with rocket engines…

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