Cripes this is a fantastically gorgeous car— we’re really starting love these more and more. To be clear, we have always appreciated them, but appreciation is starting to give way to bona fide infatuation. Kind of amazing to think that this car and the early Porsche 911 are more or less contemporaries. So different.

It looks absolutely great (and perfectly at home) puttering around the not-so-mean streets of New York City, as seen in this video:

And a slightly more substantive look (skip to 2:36 to go straight to the Pagoda):

~ by velofinds on August 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Pagoda”

  1. I always liked the hardtops. The car needs a tall, elegant, gorgeous woman driving it though. Seriously!

    • It’s funny, I have always said the same thing – the W113 is a woman’s car – but I am beginning to change my mind. I’m not even sure how that thought took hold, actually. After all, we don’t say the same thing about the 300SL that preceded it.

  2. That video was hilarious. I love how they manage to film a show in NY that is based on an LA model: famous people driving around and then sitting around in restaurants in the middle of the day. To all the new yorkers reading this, when is the last time you heard the words “Sure I’ll come pick you up” uttered by a friend?

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