A bit of Audi evangelism

But very well done all the same— those IMSA race cars were fantastic. And Herr Stuck makes a convincing pitchman. The erstwhile (and dearly missed) IEDEI blog would be pleased.

~ by velofinds on August 16, 2012.

7 Responses to “A bit of Audi evangelism”

  1. My favorite quote from him is: “I remember when sex was safe and racing was dangerous”

  2. No, it was Hans Stuck, Jr. who said it, back in the 70s

  3. And by the way, Stuck was in F1 in the 70s!

  4. Great clip; thanks for posting it. I am SO happy Audi brought back the 5-cylinder for the TT RS. Here’s hoping it migrates to other Audis as well.

  5. thanks for the nod, my friend. i do love the IMSA 90 GTO….one of my top 5 race cars of all time……and man do i love that sound. I’m waiting around for an RS3 (next gen) to come here with the 5-pot boost induced jackpot.

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