Sweet car van (no, really)

Always loved the VW Transporter (Type 2), and the T3 in particular.

We see one in our (far-ish) future.

Image by Adam Simmons

~ by velofinds on August 15, 2012.

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  1. By far the coolest van, after the Renault Espace F1,
    Original VW bus/transporter.
    I saw plenty of the Audi engined ones in South Africa. It was a favorite of the local ‘taxi’ (minibus) drivers there.

    Those Audi Wheels are terrible on that van though.

    • they are OK. would i do it? probably not. but nor do i despise them.

      • i dont like em much on b5 audis either. They are alright on the a3mk1 and b6. I think that is what they were originally fitted with. Someone correct me if i am wrong.
        And what’s with the trend of roof racks/accessories as a fashion trend? Seeing too much of that these days.

        Sorry to be so negative, but there are too many strikes against on this one. Don’t even get me started on the blacked out badge on the grill.

        Still love the van though. Last of the rear engined VWs. Hopefully we shall see more one day…

        • nope, i get the criticism— this is a bit of a ‘scenester’ example, though (for me) not excessively so.

          depending on whether those wheels are 17″ or 18″, they were either B5 (17″) or B6/B7 (18″) S4 wheels. they are known as the “avus” wheel.

  2. I have thought about a van as a utility/vacation vehicle. The one the appeals to me is :


    Cool, retro, parts are cheap and available, 6 cylinder power. What is not to like?

    Yeah, I have strange tastes sometime.

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