M6 spotting (BMW, not Leica)

Even this less-than-inspiring setting (an industrial park down by the train tracks) couldn’t diminish the appeal of the Big Coupe— not in the slightest.

Photos: us (crappy cell phone snaps)

~ by velofinds on August 8, 2012.

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  1. Gorgeous.

  2. Somebody’s got the bug.

  3. i’d rather have one of these than the latest m6…

  4. Nice! E24 goodness. Good examples are getting harder and harder to spot on the road, being used. (What about the pickup with white walls in the background of the last pic, any of that one? I’m not a moden pickup fan, but do give props to the old ones that are done right)

    Is it just my eye, or do most of these old coupes seem to be suffering from excessive camber in the rear as they age, especially the ones with wider-than-normal wheels. Maybe the bushings or springs need to be redone, or the wide wheels just exaggerate the camber. I am used to BMW rear camber, having a 535 myself, but many of the coupes I see seem to have a lot of camber, and the fronts up high. Fix the saggy butts, folks? 😉

    • I am by no means an expert on suspension geometry, but my understanding is that the rear camber is due to lowered suspension via sport springs, not as a result of tired bushings or sagging factory springs. There are camber correction kits that remedy this.

      • yep, saggy butt syndrome is a side-effect of bmw’s use of a semi-trailing arm rear suspension. infamous for on the move camber and toe changes. i recall once following an old e30 325i on a mountain road drive and the change in rear geometry was both comical and horrendous. it can be fixed though as the e30 m3 showed.

  5. Though mine isn’t an M6, I have a look-over-the-shoulder moment every time I walk away from it. Gorgeous cars.

  6. One of the greatest automobile profiles ever penned!

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