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Reader Mike sent this in:

Just took this pic yesterday in Sausalito, CA with the SF Bay in the background. I think I had a poster of this car (but in white) on my wall for like three years growing up. It’s an ’89 Countach 25th Anniversario. It was just purchased from British Motor Cars (which is the same ownership group as Cars Dawydiak, purveyors of some very tasty vintage and used Porsches and other European makes) here in San Francisco. I spoke briefly to the gentleman who had just bought it and he seemed pretty pleased with his decision! Makes me want to shave some lines in the side of my head and throw on some Run-DMC…

Thanks for sharing, Mike! We’ll supply the Run-DMC:

~ by velofinds on August 7, 2012.

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  1. The new owner needs to replace the US-spec front bumper with a Euro version. ASAP. It’s horrible.

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