This would be more amusing if it weren’t so sad

The solution? Buy old cars 🙂

The Rise of the Fake Engine Roar
To make engines sound better, some automakers are broadcasting motor noise through speaker in the cabin. Is this progress—or an affront to the purity of the engine note?

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~ by velofinds on August 6, 2012.

7 Responses to “This would be more amusing if it weren’t so sad”

  1. A engine sound track ??!! I’ll keep my sweet sounding V12 powered BMW 850i, thank you very much!

  2. They make hybrids and EV’s play engine sounds so people can “hear” them, so it’s not a big leap to playing fake engine noises to make you think the engine sounds better (or to hide “undesirable noises”). Somewhere, there’s a piece of automotive dogma dying. I am sad.

  3. Here’s one I might actually buy:

  4. I heard about the latest M5 going through the speakers but I didnt actually know how many other manufacturers were dabbling in this as well. Sad.

  5. I leave my car stereo off just so I can hear my Alfa Romeo Twinspark purr. No speakers thank you!

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