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~ by velofinds on August 6, 2012.

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  1. The shot with the Mk1 and current-gen Sciroccos is great. Some people consider the new Sciroccos too small. Well, here’s some perspective.

    While the Mk1 is a substantially smaller on the outside, I’d be curious to compare interiors. I’ve had several Sciroccos, and at 6′ and 200+ lbs, I never had any issues. In fact, even after several 1000+ mile trips, I found them rather comfortable.

    • Aye, Larry. Jeremy Clarkson is a big guy as well, and his feelings about the MkI Scirocco are well-documented.

    • I recommend you this read, just for the photos.
      I think you will love them:
      Text is mine, maybe you will like it too.

      • Wow. I get that cars have gotten safer, but it’s disappointing that they’ve grown so much in size and weight. Especially challenging considering the smaller roads and tighter parking conditions in many European countries (it’s probably a similar situation in many other places also, but I have the more experience traveling in Europe).

        US roads must seem like a surreal experience – everything is super-sized here in comparison to many other countries, so the increase in size and weight may be less obvious. When we’re surrounded by minivans and SUV’s in my friend’s vintage Alfa Spider, it is a bit scary (particularly knowing most of those drivers are not paying attention to much of anything driving-related, and lack the skill to truly manage their vehicles).

  2. Still annoyed Audi didn’t bring the RS6 Avant stateside. While I couldn’t afford a new one, it would have made an amazing used car.

  3. What a particularly well-composed grab bag. 🙂

  4. Mmm…964 Turbo goodness.

    And “Ausfahrt” is my favorite German word. During a 2004 Eurotrip my buddies and I drove fully 50 miles into the country on highway seeing signs for this mysterious city called Ausfahrt…

    …and then we realized what it meant.

    The Saab picture makes me sad. 😦

  5. love this one! So much goodness!

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