Interesting color on this Lancia Fulvia HF

Reminds us of BMW Hennarot (Henna Red). Lovely!

Image by Kompressed (classicblog).

~ by velofinds on August 1, 2012.

6 Responses to “Interesting color on this Lancia Fulvia HF”

  1. Oh yes… 😀

  2. Oh Fulvia, will you be my bride?

  3. Sorry, but this isn’t working for me. A 2002 can pull it off, but it just looks “off” on this (otherwise beautiful) Fulvia. The orange with the black fender flares emphasizes the droopy bulbous-ness of the nose.

  4. On my 240 Z (1972) they called this Pimento Red. It was still Orange. I agree with brennert that this color tends to emphasise the wrong aspects of an otherwise beautiful car.

  5. Very tightly skinned with wonderful proportions – even the nose!

  6. It looks orange on top, red underneath.. Interesting…

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