Never seen these wheels on a P1800/1800ES before


Why, this Volvo is just a baby:

via Stipistop

~ by velofinds on July 27, 2012.

7 Responses to “Never seen these wheels on a P1800/1800ES before”

  1. Haven’t seen that baby blue, either. What a beauty.

  2. Beautiful wheels, what are they?

  3. seen these on an Early 144 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia – they were a factory option in the Early 70’s

  4. Very nice! Is that in the bay?

    • yes it is. very nice website right here:

      • I was going to say, there are a ton of sweet P1800s in SF. And tons of sweet cars on the street, so thanks for the tumblr link!

        The wheels are definitely funky, but it’s hard to get funkier than these Volvos either. I dig it!

      • Thanks for the link! A ton of great cars… I haven’t been to the city in such a long time and I live less than an hour away. now that my car isn’t as low as it used to be, maybe I’ll go out for a joy ride and search for beauties like the ones in the link!

        Thanks for sharing!

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