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Getting right to it.

Images via: julien fautrat, axel-photos-creations.blogspot.comswisscarsightings, arnaud taquet, alex goure, chester ng, and various secondary/unknown sources

~ by velofinds on July 16, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for a quick lesson in paintwork perspective this morning: The Z looks sharp in red – until I see the following Porsche. What a stunning color!! Any idea what it is?

    • larry— i’m going to say either garnet red or ruby red.

      • I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen that shade before. Looks fantastic. I wonder if ti’s a factory color…

        • yes, garnet red and ruby red were factory colors, although knowing porsche, they were probably additional cost options.

          • Apparently, this car was painted “Ruby Red” – a special order color for 1984. It appears to have a bit more black or brown influence than “Garnet Red” (at least from the pics I found).

  2. More perspective – location and composition are so critical. First, the Lancias in front of the Ristorante. Makes me want to be there. The Peugeot, the Fiat and the Lotus, parked in front an old estate are also very inviting.

    Both very nice images, but the woman in fur seeming impatiently waiting for the Aston Martin driver (perhaps a husband or boyfriend) to take her somewhere…perfect.

    I can really identify with that image. Except my wife doesn’t have a fur, I don’t drive a classic Astin Martin, and I don’t live in a classic European setting like this. But my wife does get very impatient waiting for me though…

  3. little bit of Chevron B8 love in there! Yes!

  4. lovin’ the lotii

  5. Can anyone tell me about that red Ford? Thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks so much!

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