Your moment of zen

Turn up your sound for proper effect 🙂 (this post doesn’t work without sound)

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~ by velofinds on June 28, 2012.

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  1. Super awesome!

  2. I thought I was going to hear the classic flat six wail of an aircooled 911, but then I heard the rumbly noise of a boxer four which sounded strangely familiar. In theory this is a match made in heaven, but I’m not a fan of putting Subie motors in Porkers.

    • it won’t be to everyone’s taste, that’s for sure 😉 but ron does get major points for boldness and creativity (not to mention execution)…

    • agree.
      this is epic naffness.
      excuse me while i go replay magnus walker’s videos.

  3. It’s nice that there is something like this out there. Porsche guys can often be sorta stuffy and overly serious about their cars. This, while maybe not my particular style, is a bit more on the whimsical and fun side of things.

  4. Almost as awesome as the 550 replicas with Subie boxers. Full Points !

  5. A fella could have some serious fun with that right there.

    And at the end of the day, that is all that matters, in my book.

  6. wow, just stopped by to get my daily fix and bam, my car on one of my favorite blogs! i am humbled. as a few have pointed out, no, its not a magnus 911 (of which i adore their sound and beauty and can’t wait for the release of the full feature film). my project is a ’68 912, its had a boxer 4 since birth and will continue to. like it was mentioned, its not for everyone for sure and i respect that. the build goals are to have rock solid reliability, availability of inexpensive oem parts anywhere, be crazy fun and building it as if Ferdinand were to have built a retro 912 with modern technology that we have today, hens the 2005 STi motor running the stock ecu and pretty much stock everything massaged to fit. i’ll post up the dyno vid as soon as i get it there in the next few weeks. 300rwhp very conservative goal and with 8200 rpm red line. cheers 😀

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