This thing is rear-wheel drive?!

Was not expecting that. Can’t wait to see someone (be it individual or firm) drop a Honda sport bike engine into this thing. Whoever is out there reading this: DO IT!

More gratuitous Autocar ‘Will it drifts’ here.

~ by velofinds on June 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “This thing is rear-wheel drive?!”

  1. Uh-ohh. I guess I’m the only Physics Major here, right? I was drifting 911s in the sixties! And a lot of other guys were, too! It doesn’t make any difference which end is doing the biting and which one is doing the ‘licking’! It’s just a matter of ‘feel’ as most of you already know!

    • I dunno, Barry. I’m no physics major, but I’m pretty sure you can’t hang the tail out in quite that same manner with a FWD vehicle. I mean yes, you can get it to rotate via suspension tuning, tire pressure, use of the emergency brake and so on, but it’s no cigar.

  2. Ha ha thanks for sharing this vidéo !
    Remember me thepress testdrives of the Twizy in Ibiza. While cruising in the “suburbs” of the city, i spotted a gravel parking lot, just went on it, quickly made a 360° and went away. Do no if the people who saw me were amazed by the car or that improvised drift action…

    • when i see a gravel lot, i *must* do a 360. it is inevitable— like a moth drawn to a flame.

      it’s a shame i was stuck with FWD when i was in iceland— there is a LOT of gravel in iceland.

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