Ford Sierra RS Cosworth— saloon?

Somehow, we managed to overlook the fact that these were also offered as four-doors. We knew about the Sierra Sapphire, to be sure, but as far as the RS Cosworth goes, you only ever see the, er, hatchback with the almost comically large rear wing. But lo and behold, there was indeed an RS Cosworth sedan. There was even an AWD (“4×4“) version!

These do strike us as understated and handsome in their own right, arguably moreso if anything— a sort of everyman’s Lotus Carlton. And a good thousand or so pounds lighter than the Carlton, to boot. Wonder if we’ll ever see on one these shores.

Probably not— unless we ever come across the example below that was brought into Canadia.

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  1. You don’t even find them much in Britain. English Fords from the 90s weren’t hugely robust (engines aside), and these were popular targets for jacking, over-boosting, and hooning, usually in that order.

  2. I believe there is an episode of the old Top Gear somewhere with one of these being driven by the Tiff himself. I also believe he drove a touring car version of this car. I shall go find it!

    • nope, it was the two door. Maybe the Wheeler Dealer guys fixed one up.

      • Wheeler Dealers to the rescue!

        Incidentally Ed China featured in a Clarkson Special, driving a couch of all things!

  3. Mmmm. I want me a Merkur XR4TI!!

  4. sold in the US as the Merkur Scorpio….well without the Cosworth tuning….ahem.

  5. On Top Gear Jeremy drove one, in one of their 3 cars challenges. Agains James in the Mercedes 190 2.5 16V and Richard in an E36 M3. To me this saloon version is much more know/commom than the hatchback cosworth. Here in NL you see a saloon Cosworth way more often than the Hatch.

  6. I have two of these here in the USA. an 89 2wd version- street driven and a Group AWD waiting to be restored- and there are two oter rally version rolling around in the midwest.

  7. You won’t mind but, here in Spain I’ve come across several of them. They are very famous because of rwd and contention of weight. My favourite is the two door version, but I wouldn’t doubt if it had to be a saloon. Really nice blog, congrats!

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