E30: gone but not forgotten

The E30 – our beloved E30 – is SOLD due to a confluence of circumstances. She will be sorely missed, but we hope we can replace it with something just as cool in the near-future.

We don’t think it’s going to be our last time owning an E30.

Saying goodbye with some photos:

~ by velofinds on June 19, 2012.

13 Responses to “E30: gone but not forgotten”

  1. RIP to your E30! Hope you find your way back behind the wheel of a BMW soon!

  2. Time for an air cooled…maybe from Germany.

  3. Sorry, bud. There’s a stock E30 coupe in my ‘hood and I think of yours whenever I walk by it. Oh, the possibilities. And strangely, the owner leaves the windows down, all the time.

  4. Sorry to hear but the hunt for the next will be soon enough!


  5. I hope the “confluence of circumstances” consisted of someone giving you a bag full of money, to the point where you couldn’t refuse.

    Which leaves extra money lying around for a nice old 911.

  6. Sorry to see the pure classic go!

    I’ve always loved the red cockpit-display look at night. My ’97 A4 is the same way and I am sorry to see no modern car I am aware of carries this on. I am forever turning down dash lights and shutting off display screens at night – just ask my wife how often we tussle over the bright blue glare of the 4″ radio display in her Hyundai ET.

  7. Bummer man, that was a good looking 3 series. I can safely say I know what those situations feel like and they suck. Hopefully everything will work out for you in the near future! Good luck!

  8. That is the saddest thing. I really liked posts about this car.

  9. thanks folks. it’s not all waterworks— there are more good things to come, hopefully.

  10. the dancing econometer will be missed

  11. Always been envious of this car, such a nice example. Those interior shots are lovely!

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