Seriously handsome: Peugeot 504 Coupé

Totally crushing on this car right now. This Pininfarina-designed coupe sort of looks like a cross between an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint and Fiat Dino (albeit with a French twist), at least to our eyes.

Though it doesn’t appeal to us nearly as much, the cabrio is also a looker:

And given that it’s Peugeot, it’s also been campaigned in motorsport! Thus completing its MCB bona fides 🙂

If you’d like to buy one, $10k seems to be an approximate baseline (though good luck finding one if you’re in the States, like us).

Images via the Blenheim Gang, Peugeot 504 on Flickr, drinhelk, and Google Image Search

~ by velofinds on June 5, 2012.

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  1. Some of the details look sort of hobbled together, but overall, it’s a nice shape. I’m liking the cabrio a bit more though. It loses the roofline character, but brings out the lines of the body more.

    Any idea what kind of engines are underhood?

  2. Classic Bertone styling. Very nice.

  3. The V6 is the same basic engine you’ll find in a DeLorean DMC 12 : the PRV (that powered France’s range toppers for many years). Not all that much fun as engines go I gather.

  4. This site has all the technical detail, history and many images:

  5. wow, just found out there was a shooting break version as well:

  6. Actually 10k is a lot more than what you’re really supposed to pay for a nice 504 coupé, at least in areas where they’re numerous.
    Here in France, the average price for a pristine one is around 5000 euros, and you can find descent ones for 3000 !
    Take a look on that list on the french copycat of craiglist’s, wich has totally outruned Ebay in France, mostly concerning car transactions :

    I think the design is closer to Iso car’s than Fiat Dino ( my dream! ) However that V6 in his 70’s form has quite a bad reputation : not very powerful, shy sound, and in his carburettor version it’s veeeeeery thirsty !

    Forget about the shooting brake, it’s a myth among carheads around here:
    Originally presented in Geneva show at the time, peugeot decided not to build it, despite the fact that in this era several brands were selling such a model. Only two were made, only one was seen, the 2nd is known to have been crushed by peugeot, the other one vanished, nobody knows where it is, even Peugeot.


  7. […] Not that our feelings about the Peugeot 504 Coupé were ever in doubt. […]

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