Your moment of zen

What a fascinating juxtaposition. The car has aged far better than those threads!

~ by velofinds on May 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “Your moment of zen”

  1. What a fantasic photo. The colors and composition are just perfect.

  2. time capsule right there

  3. Some fashions statements were just meant to die away. This was one of them.

  4. nice photo but far from perfect, that would require seeing all the frame not just a cropped center section.

    • not necessarily— tighter framing often results in stronger composition. that said, we are debating the merits of this photo against a hypothetical alternative image that doesn’t exist, so it’s a bit of a meaningless comparison.

  5. in this case the framing looks too tight – too many bits are chopped off, the tail of the bmw the guy in the brown suit. the photo has me mentally peering around the borders trying to see the rest of the frame, lol

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