Reader contribution: Peugeot 505 STX at VIR

Reader Rabin shared these images of his brother’s 1987 Peugeot 505 STX tearing up VIR recently. The car looks fantastic in motion, and it’s eye-opening seeing it running alongside newer and more recognizable cars.

The car was recently modified to accept 6×139.7 bolt pattern wheels. Yes, you read that right— 6-lug wheels! According to Rabin, 6×139.7 is a natural upgrade from the Peugeot’s stock 4×140.

You can’t argue with the results.

Hunter and hunted.

This has to be an optical illusion— right?!

Thanks for sharing, Rabin!

~ by velofinds on May 23, 2012.

11 Responses to “Reader contribution: Peugeot 505 STX at VIR”

  1. Nice !

    I always thought the 505 is what would happen if a Toyota Cressida and an E23 7 Series BMW had a one night stand.

  2. These are just awesome. I especially love the last shot! I miss cars that LOOK like they are actually cornering! Now upload that GoPro footage and let’s hear the car too!

  3. Lovely pictures. I’m so impressed with how the paint looks – flawless. I have always wanted to drive at VIR and for awhile in college I wanted a Toyota Cressida to turn into a drift car.

  4. Awesome Bean! Its good to see my old Pug chums from on mcb…and that wheel mod is quite an accomplishment, I know Rabin had a thread going for a while on how to perform one, been out of touch on that. Rabin’s own 5-speed gets to see some action as well…small world.

  5. The 505 is the meanest looking of all the French cars.
    If Batman were French he’d use it as his base car for “le batmobile”

  6. now that’s unique, i’ve never seen a track-spec 505 before. back in the day these were supremely capable touring cars, not road rockets but able to cover long distance in a relaxed, stress-free fashion.

  7. Arun, car looks great…….love the shots leading the Porsches!!

  8. The wheels look like they were worth the wait. Congratulations, Arun!!! If you are looking for a pit crew, I can think of a couple of volunteers for next time. Look forward to hearing more about race day!

    -from the darkside to the light…your favorite RT’s

  9. […] Rabin and friends recently went on a road trip to the most recent Pikes Peak International Hill Climb which, if you’re a Peugeot owner like Rabin, certainly constitutes a pilgrimage of sorts— Peugeot is no stranger to Pikes Peak, after all. The photos suggest that it was an excellent time. […]

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