Audi R8 LSM on the historic circuit of Terramar in Spain

Very cool. Bumpy as hell out there!

Jump to 4:14 to go straight to the driving bits.

About the historic banked circuit (which reminds us of Monza and Brooklands):

Autódromo de Sitges-Terramar is a former racing circuit located between Sant Pere de Ribes and Sitges near Barcelona, Catalonia. Although minor races were sporadically held on the circuit through the 1950s, it was largely abandoned after the inaugural season of 1923. Owing to the excellence of its construction, the track remains intact even after 80 years of disuse.

In 1922 Frick Amangue founded Autodromo Nacional, S.A to oversee the construction of a new concrete oval for auto and motorcycle racing. The architects were Jaume Mestres (track) and Josep Maria Martino (facilities). It was completed in 300 days at a cost of 4 million pesetas. The track had a length of 2 kilometers and banking in the corners of 60 degrees. The opening meeting was held on 28 October 1923. The event was for 2-litre GP cars and was won by Albert Divo in a Sunbeam defeating Count Louis Zborowski in a Miller, with a winning speed of 96.91 mph. No prize money was awarded. Unpaid construction overruns caused the builders to seize the gate receipts, leaving the organizers with no money to pay the drivers. As a result, the track was forbidden to host international races again. Drivers also complained about the entry and exit from the bankings claiming the transition from straight to banking and back again was poorly designed. Catalunyan Automobile Club and the Penya Rhin continued to hold races in 1925 with little success. It was sold to Edgard de Morawitz in the 1930s. The last known race held on the oval was in the 1950s. The track and surrounding land is currently an operating chicken farm. Because of the high quality of construction, the track and buildings still stand more than 80 years later and are in excellent condition (source).

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  1. Some thoughts:

    1. Red Bull ought to just start a sports car company already.
    2. The sound of the R8 is insanely good.
    3. I am glad that I can say I have driven an R8…they are really good.

  2. amazing car…amazing track. the R8 LMS is just legendary already!

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