Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Images via: Patrick Mayon, fredrik malvefors, ian fraser (big tip of the hat), neillewisfoto, Matthieu Segot, estoril, dave adams, and various secondary/unknown sources

~ by velofinds on May 21, 2012.

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  1. It was all going so well…until the green GTI on chromed Porsche wheels so picturesquely posed in front of a trailer. Lovely. Sadly, even the hot Merc wagons and Jag engine porn couldn’t compensate for that image.

    • ha, sorry larry. i appreciate that it isn’t to everyone’s taste. i prefer a more OEM look myself, but having briefly been exposed to the world of tarted-up VWs, i suspect i have a stronger stomach for this than most, including the porsche design 90 (d90) wheels on this MkII here.

      i’m assuming you find this mini on phone dials just as offensive?

      • I like GTI’s, stock or otherwise. Usually, at least. It’s the combination of color, Porsche wheels, chrome, slammed stance and truckstop background that kills it here.

        There are some nice Audi wheels looking sharp on VW’s out there – mixed brand wheel combos aren’t necessarily a bad thing. This particular one just looks so…not classy.

        It probably didn’t help that this GTI was surrounded by so many beautiful and impressive machines in this week’s grab bag.

        BTW, the phone-dialed mini is OK. I’d wonder if it’s a bit too slammed to handle typical Northeastern roads, but still, it creates a classy, unique look. The image composition is pretty nice too.

        The automotive photography litmus test is simple: does it make you want to be there?

        • nice litmus test, although i do think it is possible to create compelling images in industrial zones and other areas that aren’t necessarily pretty or inviting.

          • Absolutely agree with you – appealing backgrounds can be found in all kinds of places. Parking garages, construction sites, or whatever. There are some amazing images out there from industrial settings that still make us want to be there – this GTI shot just isn’t one of them.

            Great example: your feature on the Reims-Gueux curcuit (or what’s left of it anyway). Despite it’s current condition, the palpable sense of history and lingering presence made it a “must see” for me next time I can get to France.

  2. Fire

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