In what universe is a BMW M1 your airport taxi?

Why, the Asphalt Heritage Club’s universe, of course— the same universe in which a Peugeot T16 doubles as ski resort transport. Love to see these beauties being put to use as if they were garden variety people movers!


~ by velofinds on May 15, 2012.

5 Responses to “In what universe is a BMW M1 your airport taxi?”

  1. Beautiful ! In the mid-’80’s I was working at a hotel in Fargo, ND, had to pick up a lady exec at airport. Instead of our old Caddy limo, I picked her up in my Bricklin, she was suitably impressed.

  2. The world I want to live in!!!

  3. wow, love the shots!

  4. The same universe airport rent-a-cops don’t harass you for taking photos.

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