Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

RIP, Shelby.

Images via: ES-photoarts,, AoO,, Along for the Ridelaurent duchene, and various secondary/unknown sources

~ by velofinds on May 14, 2012.

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  1. First couple of pulled me in, E36 M3’s clearly weren’t meant to wear anything resembling BRG paint, and the blacked-out B13 Sentra brought back fond SE-R memories. Good grab bag, MCB, thanks!

  2. Great collection. I really like the 911 and Cayman silhouettes as well as the drifting diesel wagon. Also, very appropriate to pay homage to Carroll Shelby.

  3. mmhmmm, that Z with the wats…yes sir! Same with the AE86 and the FC. Look so good!

  4. As always, I love the Alfas.
    And that Escort looks like the business.

    Shame… no Shelby Daytona coupe.

  5. The F430 grill openings look like they came straight from that open-wheel Ferrari race car!

  6. I was about to write a rude comment about the sentra, when I saw the escort un-hooded. The business indeed. You get a pass. Stellar showing again

    • No love for the Sentra SE-R, Jim?!

    • Pff! Haters gonna hate. The SE-R’s appearance was one of my favorite parts of this week’s grab bag, and if I wasn’t picking up an E30 next week (thanks Drew, Walter and Jared for the advice) I would still be considering a B13 SE-R as an alternative. It is to the 318is what the Datsun 510 was to the 2002.

      • glad to hear you’re picking up that car!

      • I know little to nothing about this car, I was basing most of this on looks. 2002, amazing. 510, even meaner. 318is, awesome. Sentra R, pedestrian at best. I love a sleeper as much as the next guy, but an Aztek that can blow the doors off a Bugatti is still an Aztek.

        This one in the grab is THE BEST I have ever seen, but still the low point of the grab bag. BUT everything has to have a high point and a low point. And everyone would rank this grab bag as A++.

        Hope I don’t get banned!

        • ha, no ban— you are MCB royalty, jim. the cars are worth reading up on, though, if even as a performance car historical footnote.

          i get that it has a hard time escaping its econobox looks, but the same can be said of the mitsubishi evo (lancer), honda crx (civic), and a bunch of other sweet cars.

        • There’s a fantastic photo in an earlier grab bag of an SE-R in action- cornering on two wheels, if I recall. If anyone knows how to find that one, I think it’s a great representation of this car.

          Anyway- dissenting opinions tend to result in interesting debates.

          • found it! sixth from top:


          • Agreed.

            Badge-induced arrogance aside, the SE-R was a solid competitor to the 318is. Then you factor in image and perception…

            BMW positioned the 318is in their US line-up the same way Porsche previously positioned the 924S (vs. the 944) – the decontented cheaper slower entry-level model for people who typically couldn’t afford a real BMW.

            Nissan marketed the SE-R as a premium (for a Sentra, at least) 2-door sports sedan with strong performance and significantly less cost.

            I test drove both of them at the time, and while I’m admittedly pro-German cars, it was hard to see the performance upside to the BMW. Materials design and general feel, favored the more expensive BMW, of course.

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