E30s in the Ardennes

We love E30s (surprise, surprise), and it doesn’t get any better than Wheelmen’s, who were lucky enough to take their lovely cars on a driving tour of the Ardennes recently:

From their dispatch:

Most beautiful surprises were the Routes du Crêtes (road over the “mountaintops”) in France, the Hautes Fagnes in Belgium and the Mullerthal region in Luxembourg (“little Switzerland”). But actually all connecting roads were almost just as wonderful. Road conditions were overall very good, with a few bad surfaces here and there. Even though this long weekend meant holiday for most countries in Europe, there wasn’t much traffic. In fact, we never had any jams. Even when a camper was once in front of us, it just took one corner to take care of that.

Sounds like a winner to us. See and read the rest of their feature here.

~ by velofinds on May 10, 2012.

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  1. the more time i spend with new bmw’s , the more elegant and just plain desirable older bmw’s like the e30’s become. a few weeks ago i spent some time with a friend’s 1990 e30 318is (1.8 dohc 140bhp, a junior m3) – not sure if it was sold stateside, and even today is still a great drive.

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