Wicked corner: Turn 5 at Thunderhill

Turn 5 at Thunderhill – alternately referred to as the Eagle’s Nest and the Cyclone – looks and sounds like a hoot. Because a lot of times cars will come out of there looking like this:

Of course, we also imagine this corner doesn’t go so well for plenty of other less fortunate drivers.

More on the corner:

Turn 5, a.k.a. the Cyclone, is where you learn to trust your corner workers. It is reminiscent of the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, but is faster and blinder. The Cyclone consists of a sharp left-hand turn at the top of a ridge followed by a right-hand off-camber sweeper. Brake in a straight line coming up the hill, downshift to second, and turn in early, perhaps sooner than feels right. Begin to straighten and sqeeze the throttle as you crest. If you have aimed correctly, you will be against the burm on drivers right on the way down. This is a good place to grab third. Modulate the throttle through the right-hand sweeper, drift out, but bring the car back to driver’s right to set up for the left hand turn 6 (source).

~ by velofinds on May 4, 2012.

8 Responses to “Wicked corner: Turn 5 at Thunderhill”

  1. and of course, that yellow honda gave us this awesome animated gif:


  2. Great set! There’s something epic about that red 993 getting air, flat and level. Looks almost routine…

  3. You’ve posted that 993 before haven’t you? What a good one. But I must say today does belong to the lightweight Hondas catching huge air. That gif is ridiculous.

  4. I probably would have to change my pants if I was in that yellow civic haha

  5. I know the guy (sort of) in the #57 Miata! He’s a fan of Motoring Con Brio. Fantastic images.

  6. ha!! these are so great! gonna watch some videos on youtube after searching for ‘thunderhill turn 5’

  7. There’s some great LeMons action to be had over that corner. Flying shark anyone?

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