This appeals to us on many different levels

Very nice little film. And the GTI sounds great, too. Well done guys!

(Hat tip to Syed!)

~ by velofinds on May 2, 2012.

8 Responses to “This appeals to us on many different levels”

  1. Loving the CEL cameo.

    Nice choice of soundtrack too. That Pixies song is can’t-miss.

  2. Well that was entertaining.

  3. This video deserves a repost. Its such a great video and the message is spot on. I can’t wait to go driving.

  4. great film, great car.
    you guys in the us got the best standard version of the mk6 gti.
    you got all the mk6 body and chassis improvements plus retained the more characterful ea113 engine.
    all ’round win.

    • that’s virtually unheard of!

      is traction control defeatable in EU and asia-pacific models? if so, then i’d argue (convincingly, i feel) that we did *not* get the best version because ours can’t be defeated!

      • the only way the rest of the world can get a mk6 with ea113 is to buy the more expensive edition 35 or r models 😩
        esp can be switched ‘off’ but it still lurks in the background.

  5. Damn that was nice…

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