From the ‘Why can’t BMW be this cool anymore?’ files (which are too numerous to count)

Because you’re more likely now to see a 7-Series hustling in a Rick Rawse music video than being hustled through corners by a stern-faced suit, as seen here.

That said, we do acknowledge that not even the old 7-Series was all wine and roses, at least according to one automotive scribe.

~ by velofinds on April 26, 2012.

6 Responses to “From the ‘Why can’t BMW be this cool anymore?’ files (which are too numerous to count)”

  1. Rad. Con Brio no doubt.

  2. It seems BMW misinterpreted the song “Blow It Up” from Bonaparte. They blew it all up.

  3. Unfortunately, this statement mirrors my recent BMW history:
    E39 touring (well-connected to the driving experience, amazing for a large family vehicle)
    E60 sedan (solid and competent, x-drive for all-weather travel, but no soul – and it never stopped reminding you how big and heavy it felt)
    E90 sedan (with a 6-speed manual and a lot less girth, this should be the answer, right? Uh, no)

    Despite another huge cost hit, I envision there won’t be a BMW in my garage soon. Too expensive, too complex, too heavy, no longer fun.

  4. E 38 was a high point. What a classy car. It is odd that you posted this image today. i was just watching this German video at work today:

    It’s kind of appropriate that it’s all in German,

  5. Wow check this one out too…

    It’s worth watching for the cool jackets alone.

  6. because they forgot that they were as handsome as this driver and became amorphous asexual robots.
    Well not all, but they did forget that Bauhaus/Bracq awesomeness that made them.
    They changed man. They changed.

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