Brief scenes from a Skip Barber demo day

We were on hand yesterday for a Skip Barber Open House. This was mostly okay – some fun activities (some more than others) and nice cars (mostly participants’ cars in the parking lot) – but also lots and lots of waiting around— enthusiasts will flock to free events (where there is promise of caning a car that isn’t theirs) like moths to a flame.

Still, one needn’t much excuse to spend a workday at Lime Rock, enjoying a balmy spring day in the company of friends and getting sunburnt waiting patiently in lines that would give many theme parks a run for their money. If you can find one near you – we count twelve Skip Barber locations nationwide, though undoubtedly not all host these events – we recommend checking it out.

Just go early and strategize your itinerary wisely.

~ by velofinds on April 20, 2012.

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  1. Very cool! is that a little skid pad they have going on there? I would love to try one out. Ive done skip barbers 3-day and 2-day advanced open wheel racing schools. One at Mid-Ohio then I went to Sebring for the other. Amazing fun! I think everyone should have to go through something like this, you can learn so much about driving dynamics.

    • awesome. those schools are spendy but worth it from what i’ve heard. god willing, i will do one some day— if not at lime rock, then at laguna seca.

      yes, that is a skid pad.

  2. Glad to see some pics from this event. The lines were huge, but the “rides” were worth it. Pretty sure the skidpad was the most fun event there — they wet it down, and had two RX-8s going around fully loaded (3 drivers/passengers and 1 instructor in each).

    Any pictures of the parking lot? I didn’t look around much before leaving, but man, there were some gorgeous cars in there.

    • no, i’m afraid not. too much heat exhaustion by the end of the day! was feeling pretty unmotivated by that point, but there was a LOT of eye candy out on display.

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