Saul Bass title sequence to “Grand Prix” (1966)

Never fails to awe. This is the film for design and art buffs that just so happens to be about auto racing. Any other subject given the same treatment – horticulture, taxidermy, hairdressing – and we still think it would have found an appreciative audience (okay, maybe not those particular subjects), unlike that other Famous Racing Film with which it’s usually inextricably linked.

Of course, the entire movie – not just limited to the Saul Bass title sequence – is highly recommended. The sounds and visuals throughout are tremendous, the storyline just engaging enough. You come for the sensory experience, though, not for the plot.

(“Embedding disabled by request”, but you owe it to yourself to click through, select the “Full screen” option, and turn the sound all the way up— and then come back and tell us how much you loved it :))

~ by velofinds on April 6, 2012.

5 Responses to “Saul Bass title sequence to “Grand Prix” (1966)”

  1. this opening sequence to Grand Prix made me know I’d love it just because they got so much right !

  2. Lucille Bluth!

  3. oh boy! definitely one of the greatest racing films ever, and the ne plus ultra of opening sequences. the editing and sound design was totally inspiring back in film school and still pushes my buttons today!

  4. That gives me a boner every time.
    I like the long takes during the racing scenes in the movie. These days everyone is obsessed with quick cuts.
    Let the action play out a little.
    I also love how they let the engines speak for themselves.

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