When is this “Road & Track” article from?

Not really an article, but you get the idea:

Taking a closer look at that grousing one-liner:

Has to be what— at least 25, 30 years old? More? (The image itself dates back to 1960, which is probably quite a bit older than the article, but not nearly as old as the car photographed therein would suggest.)

Regardless of when it was published, they were complaining about the same thing then that racing enthusiasts often complain about today, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. If you happen to share this sentiment (that the excitement of racing essentially peaked over half a century ago), then the future of racing must look pretty bleak, indeed— that is, if you don’t consider it to already be dead.

(Image via the car lounge)

~ by velofinds on April 4, 2012.

8 Responses to “When is this “Road & Track” article from?”

  1. Amen!

    Most racing is a snoozefest these days.


  2. I personally find it idiotic that people complain that today’s race cars are not as ‘fun’ as they were in the past……because 40 years from now, people will say the same thing about the race cars of today. Through my investigation of vintage automotive culture and racing, i’ve found that patterns are incessant, and that the best way to understand is now to appreciate all aspects of vintage and modern racing.

    Being a “luddite” used to seem cool to me…..but these days it seems like the superficial way out!

    I am a huge fan of vintage race cars—as MCB would know…..but i’m also a huge fan of modern day endurance racers and F1 cars….i think they are glorious.

    • oh, and i can assure people that the person who did flip their Bugatti over on a turn and cracked their skull open in the process did not find that to be “fun”

  3. I can dig the technology of the current F1 and Nascar stuff, but overall, it’s boring to sit through all the yellows….

  4. Pretty much “Midnight in Paris” applied to motor racing.

    While I agree that picture is awesome, modern GT racing is also pretty damn awesome in a different way.

  5. > Has to be what— at least 25, 30 years old?

    As an avid, part-time, typologist, that ‘PS’ font looks very mid- to late-1970s. Its got a distinct Penthouse feel from that period (or, so I am told)…

    • perfect, skorj. so we’ll generously call it 40 years old.

      for 40 years, people have been complaining that racing was better “back then”…

  6. It was fun back then, but the cost of error was extremely high….I was watching one of the revival races online…can’t remember which track and someone spun and landed his racecar (of similar vintage to the one above) sideways…and he was laying on the track unconscious. It was horrifying to say the least…

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