The Route Napoléon

Route Napoléon is the route taken by Napoléon in 1815 on his return from Elba. It is now a 325-kilometre section of the Route nationale 85.

The route begins at Golfe-Juan, where Napoleon disembarked 1 March 1815, beginning the Hundred Days that ended at Waterloo. The road was inaugurated in 1932; it leads from the French Riviera to the southern Pre-Alps. It is marked along the way by statues of the flying eagle symbol (source).

One of these days!

Hat tip to B!

~ by velofinds on March 28, 2012.

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  1. We will take this route to go back to belgium after the Tour auto ! I hope my gopro 2 will be there on time for the trip.

  2. so, how was it? 🙂

    grasse to digne-les-bains is apparently a standout, in particular:

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