Maserati Merak on BBS RSes

Obviously not period correct, and purists may howl in protest, but we quite like this. No, scratch that— we love it. We’ve never been huge fans of these Masers but this one is stunning (the stance, the color, the BBSes— everything) and has us looking at them anew.


~ by velofinds on March 22, 2012.

16 Responses to “Maserati Merak on BBS RSes”

  1. Gooooorgeous.

  2. True, it’s all good, although I do tend more towards the pure and correct. Although I think it is the colour that is key here. Unusual and classy.

  3. Yup, this combination works really well…although you could probably make the argument that this particular Merak would even look good riding on steelies. Just sayin’.

  4. Of course, as a former BBS basketweave addict, I can’t resist making this observation: cleaning them sucks (and that’s putting it mildly).

    Sure, they look awesome when they’re really clean, but…

    After a while, it got to the point where I decided any brake dust and other grime stuck in all those little spaces between the “spokes” that didn’t come off with the power washer simply wasn’t worth worrying about.

    • agree with this (and i, too, love basketweaves). i like a nice clean car as much as the next guy (although a purposefully-dirty look that says ‘this car gets driven’ is also immensely appealing..), but you’re not likely to ever see me entering a car into a show and hovering over it with a microfiber towel and a bottle of spray detailer.

    • It used to be – not sure though any more with new low asbestos compounds – brake dust was corrosive on some alloys, and should be removed?

      At least some raw finishes I’ve seen to be pitted, not sure again about some later coated alloys though. Possibly one of those apocryphal stories…

  5. Love it. Although, I’m quite surprised that you guys at MCB generally don’t appreciate the Merak. To my eye, that is a universally appealing (and sexy) car, regardless of the wheels.

  6. I love this website because of all the beautiful photos and videos.
    Please don’t use the word “stance” to refer to how a car rests on its suspension unless you are going to qualify it in a meaningful way.

    Other words used to describe cars that should be abolished (although you are not guilty of using any of these) are “slammed”, “flush”, “helaflush” that one makes me cringe, “clean” other than when referring to the amount of dirt on the car, and “soft-touch” when relating to dashboard and other interior materials. These words offend about as much as 8″ exhausts and windshield stickers on road cars.

    Well that is just my “stance” maybe others feel differently.

    Stay classy MCB…

    It’s why we visit.

    • ha. i hear you. but the word “stance” continues to be used beyond the confines of the narrow automotive subculture that has co-opted it, so i think it’s still harmless. i can see why someone would feel it has taken on a bit of a ‘nails on the chalkboard’-type quality, though.

      and thanks.

  7. blasphemy! that wheel choice is terrible for that car…

    • well i know you are no fan of ’80s mesh wheels to begin with. i think they are awesome!

      • true…but more than my dislike of mesh wheels is when people put period incorrect wheels on cars….it’s like putting SSRs on a Lancia Fulvia… will look absurd….that’s how these BBS look on this Merak

  8. I agree, love the color and love the stance even more.

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