What’s in a name?

Sirocco, scirocco, jugo or, rarely, siroc is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe. It is known in North Africa by the Arabic word qibli or ghibli (قبلي i.e. “coming from the qibla”) … Scirocco and Sirocco are Italian names from which its Greek name, “σιρόκος” (sirokos), is derived, while ghibli is its name in Libya (source).

Coincidentally (or not?), both the Maserati Ghibli (1966–1973) and the Volkswagen Scirocco (1974–1982) were Giorgetto Giugiaro designs (the Ghibli while at Ghia, the Scirocco while at Italdesign).

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  1. Scirocco was just the beginning of a long list of interesting (if not always readily pronounceable) VW model names. That said, they are incredibly fun cars for the money!

  2. Clarkson had one. Not sure what gen. though.
    They have always been the most exciting car of the VW line.
    Don’t know why they don’t sell them in the USA.
    I guess sport coupes don’t sell well in this market.
    Maybe it didn’t work with their forest animal names over here.

    • Clarkson had one. Not sure what gen. though.

      Mk1 😉

    • Apparently, VW considered it a bit too close for (competitive) comfort to their GTI in the limited US market for 2-door hatches. By the way, photos of the new Scirocco really don’t do it justice – they are really impressive in person!

      However, size and cost are probably also working against bringing it here (it’s relatively small compared to other sport coupes on the market here, and considering what the GTI costs in the US market, the lower-volume Scirocco would be priced well above it’s US competition).

  3. for fun:

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