Winter is dead, long live spring

We just had one of the warmest (read: useless) winters ever. The upside? We can finally throw on that new wheel-and-tire combo after waiting so patiently to try them on 🙂

More images to come in the upcoming weeks, months. Stay tuned!

~ by velofinds on March 15, 2012.

11 Responses to “Winter is dead, long live spring”

  1. Those look awesome, you guys have very good taste!

  2. Where did you get the Alpina rims?

  3. Oh, yes!

  4. I have never used them myself, but from what I’ve read (whatever that means) the Ecsta XS is sufficiently outclassed in its segment. Everything is relative, however. They’ll still generate huge smiles compared to any all-season or max performance summer tire.

    Wheel choice is excellent, by the way.

    • unfortunately, there are very few truly good tire choices in this wheel size. given my druthers, i’d have preferred dunlop direzza z1 star specs or hankook ventus R-S3s, but these were (are) the best available tires given my particular size requirements.

      in any case, i have had the ecstas before and can report based on experience that their dry grip level is on par with that of the direzzas (read: superb), even though they may not be as well-rounded a performer under all weather conditions.

  5. Whooooaaaaaaaaaaa. You went for it. Well done! I know we differ on the open/closed lug debate, but some day I hope something similar will roll on the M5. Makes your awesome car look even better, can’t wait for more pictures.

    • i’ll be honest— i used to be all about the open lugs, but the closed lugs have really grown on me. i would rock a set.

      are you planning on closed lugs for the M5? both are great looks, and will make your car look either a bit more modern or a bit more old school depending on which you choose.

      nice example of closed lugs:

      • It’s a tough call, but I think I’d go for closed. Open lug are sweet, but for some reason I think they’d match a 535is better; I think the closed-lugs match the M5’s style better. Splitting hairs here.

  6. Perfect, if not ONLY wheel choice for e30s. Love it. Just got Hankook Rs-3s and they are the best tires I’ve had. Have fun!!

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