These don’t get talked about enough on this site

But we still love ’em— witness guest contributor Marc’s flawless Type 34 Ghia, for example. Would we buy a Type 3 – any Type 3 – for $17.5K? No— but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t understand someone else dropping that kind of money on one. These are some seriously nice cars (though we do prefer the Fastbacks and Squarebacks), and we can see how someone could easily open their wallet either restoring one or buying a turn-key example like the one seen here.

Such a cool, almost quintessential West Coast fun n’ sun car.

Oh, and get more early aircooled fix over at (you are about to enter a major time-wasting zone— you’ve been forewarned).

Images via BaT

~ by velofinds on March 14, 2012.

7 Responses to “These don’t get talked about enough on this site”

  1. Oh my, that is nice…

  2. That is a lust-worthy car if I ever saw one. The red interior is HOT.

  3. Agreed. Although I still prefer the wagon variants.

    • yup— those are the squarebacks. i like the fastbacks (the coupes with the sloping roof) just a little bit more, although obviously they aren’t as practical.

  4. I suppose I can admit to having owned one then… Affordable and reliable motoring at its best. At least when conceived. Now though we can add, the stylish and affordable and reliable motoring description.

    A true workhorse. I can recall putting a 911 six in the back of ours.

    To get it home to install in a 912 under going an upgrade. I’ve been waiting years to use that line…

  5. It’s not a Type 34 Ghia, it’s called a Notchback. The Type 3 Ghia is a different body style. Notchback’s are rare, awesome, and beautiful.

    • i never called it a Type 34 Ghia. when i said that these don’t get talked about enough on this site, i was referring to all Type 3s, not just the notchback in particular.

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