Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Images via: Phil Sieradzan,, eu-moto, Autobellisima, Adcuz, Adam van Noort, willtel, uhuru333, jdmlegends, and various secondary/unknown sources

~ by velofinds on March 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “Assorted grab bag of stuff we like”

  1. I was breathless starting with the first photo…and it just got better and better from there! Pure automotive porn.

    Extra credit for sneaking in the E-type with caravan and the shoe on a trailer all alone in a parking lot!

    Nicely assembled grab bag, MCB!

  2. I have a soft spot for the Kenmeri! That black Starion is pretty badass too.

  3. Some great stuff this week! Love the Starion/Conquest, the british racing green E30’s and especially the Ken and Mary skyline 3D rendering by Asen Todorav. Check out his flickr for the 610 rendering too.

  4. what a muddy grab bag! these deserts look so much fun!

  5. The Porsche factory-floor photo is my fave!

  6. Seriously, this is a great grab bag. Love the muds and the VW-Porsche support van, but that picture of the white GT-R took the day. Thanks as always, my rotating desktop would be nothing without MCB.

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