We had to laugh a little

On the face of it, this print ad seems what might politely be described as “optimistic” on the part of Citroën. On the other hand, we freely admit that we know little about what power the formidable deux chevaux might have in attracting members of the fairer sex. So tell us, European readers of a certain age, how realistic is the scene that you see here?

~ by velofinds on March 8, 2012.

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  1. It is optimistic in that the girl is sitting on the front wing without apparent damage. Girls do like the 2CV though, it shows that the owner has nothing to prove.

  2. Girls are going to be into this a lot more than a modern hatch or something you have to explain why it’s cool.
    But the 2CV is and will always be cute and charming. The only real danger is that of a hipster behind the wheel, but the little Citroen should transcend that!

  3. the first car I ever drive… at 10 yo.
    a great moment for a young kid !

  4. Who says the 2CV in the photo is the guy’s car? Maybe it is supposed to belong to one of the nerdy girls perched on it.

    Also, the guy and girl on the painfully sagging front end look incredibly uncomfortable – especially the guy who is so obviously posed, but not in any sort of remotely stable position.

  5. ooo..nerdy french girls! how very nice.

  6. Come on! That is what it looks like at European universities… 😉

  7. Could be an Italian market promo for Citroen as it has Milan license plates. The girl on the fender’s cute in a nerdy way but hey, Italian guys will hit on anyone…

  8. Driving a 2CV in Italy in the late 60’s could be a good way to step aside from the-guys-in-Alfas, the-guys-in-topolino, the-guys…

    Anyway now a 2CV might be a girl trap. I’m not sure at all that it was an efficient way to trap chicks in the 60’s…

  9. I had a 2CV when I was in med school and I can say that it was a magnet for girls. Yes, you could sit on the fenders without causing any damage, although the same cannot be said of the bonnet.I loved that piece of tin and I would boast of the fact that I could take it apart in 15 minute or less.

  10. I had two Dyanes. The 2CV’s ugly sister. When you drive a “puddle jumper” you can’t take yourself too seriously.This equals positive mojo.The guys who have to polish their ego with great gobs of horsepower won’t get it. Nice soft springing for country pursuits…

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