Ride along with Randy Pobst at Laguna Seca

Almost as good as being there. Okay not really, but we still found plenty to like about this video, the occasionally awkward banter notwithstanding.

Lots of good stuff here. Well done, Motor Trend— credit given where credit is due, in spite of past or even more recent transgressions.

As an aside, guest contributor Kevin must get a lot of personal satisfaction when seeing clips like this one 🙂

~ by velofinds on March 6, 2012.

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  1. tracked down all the related links to part 1-3 and for each car the reviewed on the track. very nicely done

    episode 1

    episode 2

    porsche cayman r

    porsche gt3-rs

    lexus lfa

    ford mustang boss 302

    nissan gr-t

    chevrolet corvette zo6

    ferrari 458 italia

    audi r8 gt

    mercedes benz sls amg

    bmw 1 series M

    lotus evora s

    episode 3

  2. Haha, indeed, seeing the trackside signage in action never gets old. 🙂

    Great video! But I’m shocked that a) the Corvette was so much faster than anything and that b) they didn’t make a bigger deal out of that. Weird.

    • you’re right, that does deserve to have a big deal made out of it. it’s really quite extraordinary, actually.

    • Could it be because of the tires ? (the “ultra sticky michelin pilote sport cup tire” mentioned in the got lap of the Z06) Btw, WHAT A NOISE !

      • possibly, but possibly not. i believe the gt3 rs also has michelin pilot sport cups as OE tires.

        i really do think the z06 and zr1 are budget-priced world-beating supercars.

  3. damn, i only watched the first one lol. I had no idea you had the other ones up. looks like i have something to do at work, thank you.

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