Marcello Gandini in a Citroën BX commercial

And why not? After all, in the words of the ad, signor Gandini is simply enjoying his work.

The same ad, en français:

This one’s for our friends at the Sport Car Club 🙂

~ by velofinds on March 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Marcello Gandini in a Citroën BX commercial”

  1. Holy shit! I never knew Gandini designed that car! It’s actually very ugly in person.

    • what i didn’t know was that it shared components with the peugeot 405. so if you want a car that’s more conventional-looking (yet still handsome and undeniably french), then the 405 it is. but the BX is weird and funky the way only citroëns are capable of being.

  2. My dad rented one of those in 1988 when we went to france. That car was such a POS. The door handle came off in my hand.

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