The car that never was: the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 6C

We are digging everything about this car! Shame it was never produced.

Very little information about it online, but what we do know is that it was a one-off prototype built by in-house Alfa tuner Autodelta, and that it seems to make an appearance periodically at the annual Rétromobile exhibition in Paris.

From (loosely translated from French— thank you, Google Translate):

In 1982 Alfa Romeo begins to develop a car to compete in the World Rally Championship in Group B.

“It’s an Alfasud Sprint 6C,” Walter says Alexis Alfa Romeo Club of France. Some experts say no, but officially there was a single copy.

Its origin was a willingness to participate in the World Rally Championship category in group B. So this car is in compliance with the regulation of group B. It is equipped with a V6 rear center position. This is the complete mechanical GTV6 was chosen. This is a car that was produced in a single and has never been developed for the competition since then the championship Group B stopped.

It was considered too dangerous. The cars were too fast, too powerful. There have been some very serious accidents, with the dead. The federation had decided to change regulations to reduce, limit the power of the cars.

Compared to the standard version, there is little in common. Apart from the body or parts of equipment inside. All that part is different chassis and mechanics as well.

It is a V6 2.5-liter that was originally designed for the Alfa 6 and that made the heyday of GTV 6. It is a motor powered by a 60 ° injection Bosch. It is here in a longitudinal rear. The hull is steel with polyester element. It is not much lighter than the standard car because it has a much larger mechanical.

Originally the car was designed with a boxer engine, an engine that was very light. Here the weight of the V6 that the car is not much lighter than a standard car.

The interior is very close to the series. Apart from the steering wheel and bucket seats for the competition, the rest is completely standard.

Aesthetically it is a Sprint inflated bodybuilding. That is to say with flared fenders, wider lanes, wider wheels.”

More information and images can also be found on the Spanish site sprintmania.

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