Your moment of zen

No words necessary— not when you have a swarm of angry Procar M1s to do the talking.

About the series:

The BMW M1 Procar Championship, sometimes known simply as Procar, was a one-make auto racing series created by Jochen Neerpasch, head of BMW Motorsport GmbH, the racing division of automobile manufacturer BMW. The series pitted professional drivers from the Formula One World Championship, World Sportscar Championship, European Touring Car Championship, and other international series against one another using identically modified BMW M1 sports cars.

Billed as an opportunity to see a mix of drivers from various motorsport disciplines, the championship served as support races for various European rounds of the 1979 Formula One season, with Formula One drivers earning automatic entry into the Procar event based on their performance in their Formula One cars. Austrian Niki Lauda won the inaugural championship. In 1980, the series held some events outside of Formula One schedule, and was won by Brazilian Nelson Piquet. BMW chose not to continue the championship in 1981 to concentrate on their entrance into Formula One (source).

~ by velofinds on February 16, 2012.

3 Responses to “Your moment of zen”

  1. They sure do sound nice!

  2. In my humble opinion….BMW’s S38 and M88 motors are true works of art .

    So much verve and soul to them.

    My 91 M5 is certainly not the fastest car I own, but its the best sounding one .

    To experience an S38 at full song on the perfect road or vintage racetrack is having lived a rich life.

    My current e34 M5 is my 2nd one. I foolishly sold my previous 91 a few years ago and just recently found a worthwhile replacement…needless to say, this one’s isn’t going anywhere.

    A famous M1 owner was the late John Denver.

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