Chris Harris drives the Subaru BRZ Scion FR-S Toyota GT 86 at Jarama

Think he likes it much?

Our only lament is its looks.. this is not a great-looking car in stock form. Perhaps not even in modified form. So at least for us it falls just short of being the complete package.

Kudos, though, to Toyota for finally doing something interesting again and re-injecting itself into the enthusiast conversation after what seemed like a generation spent – self-imposed, mind you – in the motoring wilderness. It’s been a long time coming from the likes of the Mark II MR2 and Mark IV Supra to now.

~ by velofinds on February 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Chris Harris drives the Subaru BRZ Scion FR-S Toyota GT 86 at Jarama”

  1. > Our only lament is its looks..

    I would concur. Having seen many since the release, played with a few, and photographed many, I can safely say its not one of those cars that gets tagged with ‘it looks better in the metal’… Not an ugly car as you suggest, and by today’s standards, when you see one it is smaller than expected, but certainly not as sexy as it could be.

    But, I guess Toyota is hardly known for making sexy looking cars these days. Or rather Subaru are.. .Or rather… perhaps satisfying the market needs of two very different manufacturers resulted in a blander design than some would have liked.

    • well ugly is a strong word, but the looks do fall flat and fail to inspire. it’s a bit disappointing, actually, given how promising the rest of the car appears to be.

  2. Great video! I saw the most recent concept but haven’t seen the production version up close. Although the detailing is a little plain, I think the size and proportion will make it stand out.

  3. This is the car Alfa should be making (but beautiful), instead of the stupid 4C!

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