“Snow Magic”

Reader Laurent shared these images of his beloved Citroën SM taken recently in -9°C weather, noting that he took great pains to pilot the car only on new-fallen snow (before his local “Department of Public Works” – or whatever the Luxembourgian equivalent happens to be – managed to blast snow-eviscerating salt onto the roads).

He amusingly referred to the whole episode as “Snow Magic”. Viewing these shots, we concur! Sa Majesté looks great against the wintery backdrop.

~ by velofinds on February 8, 2012.

7 Responses to ““Snow Magic””

  1. That’s dedication, shooting in blustery weather like that! Great car.

  2. Beautiful…..love the car, love the photos.

  3. Great stuff!

  4. Being the SM’s so fragile and capricious is rather brave to get one of those out in the snow. But it looks soooo good… 😉

    • HI Luis, don’t think the Diva is so fragile and capricious, just egal as all oldtimers…
      but it’s the great kick to drive on snow, better than modern cars with ABS, ESP etc… especialy the traction on fresh snow.

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