Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

No further commentary necessary, so let’s get right to it.

Images via: BaT, Matthias Schrader, jeremie.noiret, and various secondary/unknown sources

~ by velofinds on February 6, 2012.

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  1. God you must spend hours on the web trolling for pics! I certainly enjoy the results of your efforts. What is that little red (Lancia) that looks like a testarossa?

  2. Looks like a road version of the Lancia 037.

  3. Wow!!! White R34 GTR is sex!!

  4. I wish I could have these in high res. I need some new wallpaper.

  5. Greatly appreciated! I always like the internal debates/reconsidering that goes on after viewing the grab bags.

  6. Where did you find the pic of the white 911T…? I met the previous owner a few years ago, but he unfortunately passed away. Would love to find out where the car is now. Thanks!

  7. Lancia 037… R-Sport, you are correct. Pity the front doesn’t look as good as the back.

  8. 550 Maranello > 575M every time!

    Great photos.

  9. This is a great grab bag! I love the inclusion of the Miller. Would be great to see more prewar stuff liek that in addition to the usual awesomeness. The 037 Stradale was a great touch as well! I disagree with Colin, politely. I think the front looks amazing.

  10. I definitely have a thing for 60’s and 70’s era BMWs flying through the air.

  11. I really don’t understand what is the thing you have about french cars. The DS in rally guise is not bad, but the peugeot? you not it is not a good car. At all. I live in France, already driven these, and they are terrible.
    Of course all french cat aren’t that bad 🙂 but as a petrol head I am not proud of my national automotive industry…

    • french cars are viewed as funky and exotic by automotive connoisseurs in this country, the likes of which not even british and italian cars can match. your sentiment is understandable, though; what is exotic and otherworldly to us is commonplace and ordinary to you. french cars never made great inroads in this country and are therefore very rare and continue to get rarer by the day (the last french car sold in this country was in 1991).

      but know this: the french have a rich motorsport heritage (of which you may or may not be aware), and ordinary saloon cars like the peugeot 405 were nothing to scoff at in top of the line trim. you have nothing to be ashamed of 🙂

      for your reading enjoyment:

  12. I agree with you. But it is a shame that french people aren’t very keen in cars (forgive my english) and they really don’t know anything about owning a car. For example, here, modifying a car means turning it into a stupid death trap with fancy paint jobs and horrible wheels and stereo, most of the time unfinished projects, and they never improve handling and performance… ( see what I mean : )
    it is a very different approach for you and your old 2002s, restored and improved in a very good way, most of the time making a car better or a least a bit different

  13. Wait….. Rubbishing a Puegeot 405 T16? Obviously someone who has never driven either a 405 Mi16 or T16.

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