Finally, a level-headed review of the Vantage V8

While not a perfect review by any means – some of the commentary is eyeroll-inducing – it’s kind of refreshing to hear the point of view of someone other than jaded auto-journo types who have seen and driven every new thing with four wheels under the sun. You typically don’t hear a lot of high praise for the “entry level” Aston because motoring hacks find it to be slower than X or not as good as Y, but we always found that to be fairly inane— this is still a pretty special car measured by any yardstick. These two seem to agree.

~ by velofinds on February 1, 2012.

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  1. Good find. I agree completely, the Vantage is constantly underrated. It is simply beautiful, relatively affordable (low mileage secondary market prices are circa $70K for a stunner), and completely classy.

    Quite frankly I would take one over any other modern Aston.

  2. Sorry, I disagree. I think it’s a giant piece of crap. I drove it and a Nissan Juke on the same day, and the Juke was far and away the more enjoyable car. It’s not that us “auto journalists” are jaded – it’s that the hype of “driving an Aston” overshadows the fact that this is really a sub-par car, and many people bought into the jingoistic hype of Clarkson and other UK hacks.

    /end rant

  3. Derek Kreindler: I accept your apology.

    The issue with the Vantage isn’t that it’s a bad car – it’s not – it’s that its new-car price point puts it in the league of a 911 Turbo. If a buyer values style over performance, sure, go with the Aston. But for driving enthusiasts (or at least people who purport to be driving enthusiasts), the Porsche is a better buy.

    On a personal note, the sole reason I avoided a used Vantage (and instead bought a new Cayman R) is that I don’t trust the Aston’s reliability nor its American dealer network.

  4. First off the car is lovely. Watching videos on cars never really works, you have to see it in person before you can truly judge.

    Second in this review, I had more of an issue with the reviewers than of the car. I absolutely dislike videos where the reviewers are busy showing their faces instead of the car. Don’t they understand that no one, and I mean no one cares what they look like. Take a team on the photo shoot and focus on the car.

    Lastly, if you can afford to buy a $140,000 you are free to think whatever you want of the car. Happy motoring!

  5. I’ve driven one…and was surprisingly underwhelmed. It’s not a bad car, but it was not a memorable experience for me. I also was strangely unmoved by its looks, which was worrying for me, because I thought something might be wrong with me…jury still out on that one.

  6. beauty is skin deep; the great exterior is let down by the second rate, bling-tastic interior. nice sounding engine, mediocre handling and performance.

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