Ferrari FF and Jensen FF in the Engadin

Nice excuse to get these two cars together and have a photoshoot. Images by the always good Jan Baedeker.

~ by velofinds on January 31, 2012.

13 Responses to “Ferrari FF and Jensen FF in the Engadin”

  1. I’ve lusted after a Jensen Interceptor since way back when. Pictures like this do nothing to quell the longing for one either. Thanks for posting the great shots.

  2. I’ll have the Jensen. Throw the FF off a mountain for all i care!

  3. I like the Jensen. The Interceptor and FF are so rad. And as much as I think the unceasing “bigger-faster-morepower!” game is futilely lame, I really dig the Ferrari FF. It gets me going like the 456 did and makes me wish the 612 Scaglietti would just get erased from the history books. It’s not a tenth-of-a-second-shaving track-based piece of real-life videogaming, it’s a go-anywhere, pack-whateever, haul balls shooting-brake monster whose ridiculousness somehow comes together and makes sense.

    • an Audi RS6 Avant can do what you’re describing far better than a Ferrari FF can!

      • Agreed! The RS6 Avant is perhaps the car I fantasize about most while on roadtrips or driving up the mountains, and I would put my money into importing one long before I got an FF (in fact, there are scores of cars I would pursue before an FF). Just saying that I like it.

        • nice! a shame it was never brought to these shores….at one point in the near past, there was hope….but even that went away!

  4. I think the choice is obvious. The Jensen wins hands down.

  5. none of the above,
    they are just too big to throw around in the snow.
    audi ur quattro 20v will do me.
    or a cayenne turbo

  6. I saw my first FF on the street a few months ago in that same color. It looks much better and smaller in person than you’d think. As a 4WD GT car I think it’s the complete package.

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  8. I love the FF… both of them. But I love the Ferrari, it’s amazing.

  9. They just did a Jensen Intercepter on Wheeler Dealers last night 🙂

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